About us

In August 2018, the Company (formerly known as Veni Vidi Vici Ltd) completed its successful listing on the AQUIS STOCK EXCHANGE (AQSE) Growth market, having raised gross funds of £600,000 through equity placings in December 2017 and July 2018 for future acquisitions in accordance with its investment strategy to identify investment opportunities and acquisitions in companies involved in exploration and development in the Precious Metals and Base Metals sectors in Australia, Western Europe and North America.

In December 2018 the Company completed its first investment, with the signing of the sale and purchase agreement with Goldfields Consolidated Pty Ltd for a 51 % beneficial interest in the Shangri La gold, copper and silver project in consideration for A$220,000. The consideration was satisfied by a payment of A$20,000 to Goldfields in cash and the issuance of 190,000 ordinary fully paid shares in the capital of the Company (“Consideration Shares”).

The Mitterberg Project comprises copper mineralisation, mainly in the form of chalcopyrite hosted within metamorphic rocks of the Grauwacken Formation. Previous mining activities, dating back some 3000 years to as recent as 1977, mined copper via a series of adits into the lower levels of the alpine topography. The 198 contiguous licences cover some 90 sq km and are located approximately 60 km south of Salzburg and are easily accessed via excellent quality road networks.

The Shangri La Project is a gold-copper-silver project comprising a polymetallic hydrothermal quartz vein type deposit covering an area of 10 hectares. The Shangri La Project is located 10 kilometres west of Kununurra, the central town of the Northeast Kimberley region in Western Australia. Further updates will be provided over the coming period.