Corporate & Social Responsibility

Mission Statement

We are currently focused on advancing our Shangri La project in Western Australia, but at the same time, we are continually evaluating new opportunities to add value to the company. As a company, we are aware of the sensitivity of operating in Western Australia and as such fully comply with the Heritage Act. We wish to attain our goals responsibly and with the greatest respect to the environment and local communities and engage with stakeholders at the earliest stage.

In order to create a successful exploration program in Western Australia, we recognise the significant responsibility we have with regards to respecting the home of the local inhabitants, protecting and conserving, to the best of our ability, the environment in which we operate and finally, ensuring we deliver (results permitting) commercially viable projects for exploitation in a sustainable manner which will create local jobs.

We remain committed to attaining our operational targets in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible as well as respecting all inhabitants who live around our current and future projects.

Health and Safety

Our company requires its employees, consultants, contractors, suppliers and subsidiaries to adopt the highest Health and Safety standards whenever they are on site.


  • Zero Harm – possible to achieve no matter where we work.
  • Learn from any incidents and avoid repeats – all necessary steps will be taken to learn from incidents, audit findings and other nonconformances to prevent their recurrence.
  • Continuous Improvement – essential for our operations; we must learn, adapt, anticipate and prevent issues recurring anywhere within the company, be that at a corporate level or on site in the field.


Whenever possible we look to support leaders and representatives from all stakeholders on an ongoing basis, from holding regular meetings to addressing grievances to carrying out projects that will set the stable foundations for a brighter, healthier future for exploration wherever we operate.


VVV Resources Ltd recognises the potential impact that our activities can have on the environment and as such we are constantly seeking to minimise any adverse impact that our activities may have whilst we operate.

We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical manner, with due care and respect for the environment we operate in. As such we aim to continuously improve our environmental management practices and performance.